• Thanks to Buzz who sponsored Acres of Love children to do holiday courses. We are grateful to Buzz for ‘giving back’ and creating an opportunity for our kids to grow their confidence. Our kids were proud to be part of the Buzz production, and our house moms were proud to watch them.

    Lida-Marie Saayman, Acres of Love, Home for Children affected by HIV/Aids
  • Kyra loves Buzz and I know she gets great value from it. Although she has always been confident, I have seen how much pride she takes in being one of the leading characters at Buzz. I can only imagine that Buzz will lead her to great heights in the future!   Many thanks to you and your amazing Buzz workshop leaders.

    Tanja Ehmke, Sandton
  • Every now and then we need to be exposed to someone who is passionate about what she/he is doing, just to recharge those tired old batteries! Attending the Buzz workshop was just such an occasion.

    Liz Grawez , Pridwin Preparatory
  • My daughter goes to Buzz every week and I have never seen her so excited about anything. It is the best activity I have seen for kids. They have the freedom to be silly and be themselves, without judgement. Just what the doc ordered.

    Nicky Grandin, Fourways
  • Buzzing is simply the best way to inspire your little people to be the best they can be!

    Debbie Amm , Parent, Parktown North

Drama, Dance, and Singing or Parties for kidz


Buzz is a NEW kind of Performing Arts activity for South African children from 3 – 13. Our services include Drama, Dance and Singing workshops in schools and independently across Gauteng. We also offer themed, interactive birthday parties for kidz. In addition, we do Holiday Courses, unique children’s entertainment for corporates, teacher training courses and have original children’s music and podcasts. drama dance singing parties kids

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