• Jesse thrives on the discipline of the sessions, as well as the chance to just let go and run free! Buzz has made such a positive impact on his life!

    Dominique Vermeulen
  • Dynamic! Fun! Fun! Fun! You live up to your name!

    Mel, Crawford Pretoria Pre-Primary
  • They make it so much fun and each child is unique and special to Buzz. They love what they do and the kids see this!

    Kerry Szalay, Auckland Park
  • Thank you for your perceptive, sensitive, generous feedback on my child’s progress. I have never known any child provision to take such interest and time to get to know its members. I do feel so privileged to have found you all!

    Ella Stein
  • I can recommend Buzz to any person, company, school or organisation with the knowledge and confidence that they will speak to the hearts of people.

    Anroux Marias, Member of Parliament, Western Cape

Drama, Dance, and Singing or Parties for kidz


Buzz is a NEW kind of Performing Arts activity for South African children from 3 – 13. Our services include Drama, Dance and Singing workshops in schools and independently across Gauteng. We also offer themed, interactive birthday parties for kidz. In addition, we do Holiday Courses, unique children’s entertainment for corporates, teacher training courses and have original children’s music and podcasts. drama dance singing parties kids

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