We’d like to tell you more about Buzz.

Buzz is a NEW kind of Performing Arts activity for South African children.

Launched by Managing Director, Hanneke Mackie, in 2012, Buzz sessions are custom designed to develop children’s confidence, boost their social skills and offer them a platform to express their individuality.

Our services include Drama, Dance and Singing workshops in schools and independently across Gauteng and the Western Cape. We also offer themed, interactive birthday parties for kidz. In addition, we do Holiday Courses, unique children’s entertainment for corporates, teacher training courses and have original children’s music and podcasts.

Find out more about the team, below:

Hanneke Mackie

Founder, Owner and Managing Director of Buzz

Hanneke Mackie, a proudly South African woman, is the Founder and Managing Director of Buzz. She is a self-proclaimed: ‘child-whisperer’ and has managed to combine her love for children and the performing arts and gave birth to her life’s dream and passion: Buzz!

Buzz is a revolutionary Performing Arts activity for children, currently running successful in- and after-school workshops across South Africa (Gauteng and the Western Cape) for 2500 children. Buzz workshops incorporate Drama, Dance and Singing as a triple threat, 3-in-1 program. Buzzing with children between 3 and 13 years old, Buzz is specifically aimed at building children’s confidence and boosting their social skills through high energy, fun and entirely interactive workshops.

All music for Buzz workshops are created and owned by Buzz. These albums are created around unique, educational, child friendly themes. Each theme has a podcast series created especially for it.

Buzz currently employs 50 people, thereby contributing to the economy and creating permanent and self-employed contractor opportunities for some of South Africa’s best creative talents.

Hanneke trained as an actor at The University of Cape Town and achieved her degree in Theatre and Performance in 2005. Apart from being a trained actor, with most of her professional experience in children’s and community based theatre, Hanneke has first-hand experience of the South African education system as she worked as the Foundation Phase Drama Teacher at Crawford Preparatory, Sandton.

She also worked for Perform, a renowned Children’s Drama School in England for many years. Hanneke has worked inside hundreds of Primary Schools in the United Kingdom and South Africa, from disadvantaged to privileged, she has worked across a wide selection of socio-economic communities. She has developed an approach to children that is entirely unique. She is passionate about the marriage of education and play. She believes in applying the arts to develop the child cognitively, socially and wholistically.

Apart from their after-school sessions, Buzz has regular contracts in schools, delivering educational workshops as well as skills sharing workshops to help teachers ‘bring learning alive.’ Buzz also offers interactive children’s parties, holiday courses and children’s corporate events. Buzz is committed social outreach work and has delivered adult and children’s Drama Workshops in a variety of deprived communities. In 2018, Hanneke aims to branch out more robustly into the charitable space, by founding a version of Buzz as a Non Profit Organisation

Hanneke oversees all workshops offered by Buzz and guarantees the highest teaching standards in all Buzz sessions.

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Niki Landella-Gaitanelis

Buzz Head Area Manager

Niki has worked in childcare and theatre for over a decade. After leaving the National School of the Arts with an FET in the Performing Arts, she volunteered at the Actors Centre in Johannesburg and soon after discovered her love of child care. She got her first full-time professional acting role as the Sleeping Beauty in the On Cue Theatre production, where she would spend the next ten years doing between 300-600 children’s theatre shows a year. Niki spent a year in the USA as an au pair, worked as a reading teacher and appeared in a few short films and adverts. She recently returned from Club Med in Mauritius, working primarily in the Petite Club (with toddlers), but also helping out in the Baby Club and Mini Club (4-7 year-olds). She has returned to Buzz, because once bitten by the Buzz Bug, there is no known cure.

Thenjiwe Mazibuko

Buzz Gauteng Area Manager

Thenjiwe is passionate about working with children and she enjoys using drama techniques when interacting with and learning from them. Apart from working for Buzz, she is an actor who dances, sings and writes. She completed her BA in Dramatic Arts (Hons.) at Wits University, majoring in Applied Drama, Theatre as well as Television Studies. She has worked as a stage manager, director, editor, production assistant, actor and voice over artist, to name but a few of her diverse talents. She loves hearing, telling and recording stories. She is interested in doing research on disability and inclusivity in the arts and looks forward to pursuing her Masters Degree in the nearby future.

Byron Boer

Buzz Gauteng Area Manager

Byron’s love for the arts is what makes his desire to teach so strong. During his time studying a BA degree in Drama and Film at The University of Cape Town, he fell in love with applied theatre and especially developing young performers. Byron is a singer and actor and has performed on stage and screen and still continues to do so. He loves teaching and developing young, budding actors at Buzz.

Roline Odendaal

Buzz Cape Town Area Manager

From the age of nine Roline knew she wanted to study and live out her passion for drama. Ever since she can remember, she has been involved in stage productions, Eisteddfod’s, musical theatre, children’s theatre and singing competitions. Roline obtained her BDrama degree at the University of Stellenbosch and her passion for drama was always bubbling under, so becoming part of the Buzz team was a natural decision. Living in Cape Town with the beautiful backdrop where the ocean meets mountains, it sprouts creativity, imagination and ambition everywhere Roline looks. She wants others, particularly children, to see this and be proud of themselves as they too have the opportunity to live out their passion for drama.

Nolwazi Mthembu

Buzz Operations Manager

Nolwazi is a film writer who received her Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Dramatic Arts. She loves socializing, and loves communicating. Her role at Buzz, which has her on the phone chatting to moms and dads, fits her personality and skill set well. Nolwazi loves helping people. She loves to challenge herself, to learn and grow constantly and shows this through her amazing work at Buzz. She is a delight!

Lindiwe Dlamini

Buzz Accounts

Lindiwe has a lot of background in customer service, admin and recruitment, just to name a few. She is very customer-centric and goal-driven which makes her role at Buzz all the more suitable. Lindiwe has a passion for people and bettering the world and she believes that raising confident children is a great way to do it. Lindi is always eager to learn and very precise in all the works that she does. We are happy and excited to have Lindi as part of our Buzz Team.

Marian Glanville


Marian’s passion for children and education runs deep through every facet of her life. She is currently obtaining her BEd(SFFET) through UNISA, part-time, concentrating primarily on Educational and Trauma Psychology. Marian’s love of teaching has taken her around the country, to interact with a variety of communities and schools. This has created a sense of love and passion for equality in education and around South Africa. She has become a champion for equal rights and interacts with a number of NGO’s to ensure that South Africa reaches a state of equity. Her energy and passion contribute to our amazing admin team through her ability to communicate and understand. Marian absolutely loves the benefits that Buzz offers to children in South Africa and has joined the administrative team to keep all communication lines open for all parents and to assist with administrative tasks where possible.

Klair White

Social Media and Communications

Klair is passionate about helping others grow. She believes in the power of art and creativity to have a profound positive effect on children and adults. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2014 at the University of the Witwatersrand, and then completed her Honors degree in Psychology at the University of South Africa in 2016. Klair, a lover of art and creativity, uses her creative skills and previous experience to manage the Social Media platforms, is involved with Content Creation and Communications for Buzz.

Bavani Muthan

Buzz Workshop Manager and Party Leader

Bavani is an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer and a born teacher. From a young age she had realised her passion for arts and the impact it has in everyday life. She studied performing arts, costume/make-up and styling, writing and production design at AFDA. She has also obtained her BA degree in Motion Picture and Performing Arts from City Varsity. Bavani has a natural ability to communicate to people from multiracial backgrounds and she has excellent problem-solving and leadership skills. Her greatest desire is to nurture young children to own their individuality and to strive to be the best version of themselves.

Bathandwa Mbobo

Buzz Workshop Manager and Party Leader

Bathandwa is a performer who has received her training from Wits University. She has completed a BA degree in Performing and Visual Arts at the Wits Theatre and Performance Department, majoring in Performance Studies, Psychology and Applied Drama and Theatre. Her background in performance has been mostly in theatre productions. Her Applied Drama and Theatre studies with Drama for Life, has given her several opportunities to work with children and this is what was has initiated her love for working with young people. Bathandwa is currently studying an Honours in Drama Therapy with Drama for Life, to pursue a career as an aspiring Drama Therapist.

Gaby Georgeson

Buzz Workshop Manager and Party Leader

Gaby is a talented actress, singer, model and writer, who recently moved back to Johannesburg. Over the past two years she has worked and lived in New York City, where she worked on several plays, four of which were performed on Off-Off-Broadway. She trained at the New York Film Academy, acquiring her Diploma in Acting for Film and studied Dramatic Arts at Rhodes University. She’s also appeared in web series and short films throughout her career, as well as performed in several renowned festivals. Gaby has not only been focusing on her acting, but her singing as well, working with several established and respected music managers in New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles. She’s very excited to see what her career has in store for her.

Sakhe Mbuyisa

Buzz Workshop Manager and Party Leader

Sakhe has been passionate about the arts from a very young age. This has always been a space where she could fully express herself, whether it was through drama, art, dance or music. The arts has been a fundamental part of her childhood development and she wants to share this absolute joy with the children of South Africa. Sakhe has a qualification in Professional Acting from City Varsity in Cape Town. She has spent a lot of time before and after her studies working on self-mastery – working hard to be the best version of herself. Sakhe volunteered at the Amy Biehl Foundation and that is where her love for children started, as an adult. She has also taught English online to kids in Asia. At Buzz she is now combining her love for children, with her passion for the arts.

Keamogetswe Ngobeni

Buzz Workshop Manager and Party Leader

Keamogetswe has always loved the idea of being an actress and performing. While studying at Oakfields College for Performing Arts, she did not only aim to improve her skills, but she wanted to create a platform where individuals can come out freely and speak about their dreams and passions. Kea decided to take the next step in furthering her love of performance, and co-directed and choreographed little kids from Hatfield Christian Church Academy for their end year production. Her love grew whilst working with children and she has never looked back. She believes that Unicorns exist and they are in every little kid, because they are magical little beings that need a platform to sparkle.

Noxi Mabuza

Buzz Workshop Manager and Party Leader

Performer, playwright and mover, Noxi has appeared in numerous productions, such as ‘Marachera Sketches’, ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’ and ‘Igama?’. Alongside these projects, Noxi was part of the 2018 Grahamstown National Arts Festival as a performer in the Wits production of ‘Devil at a Dead End’. Noxi is currently studying Theatre and Performance at The University of the Witwatersrand, majoring in Physical Theatre and Writing, where she has written two plays as part of her course. Through exploration and play in and around the theatre space, Noxi has found that she is particularly interested in performance art, in which she plans to explore the intricacies and dynamics of the black women’s experience in the world in which we live.

Yolanda Musah

Buzz Workshop Leader and Party Leader

Hailing from the small town of Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, Yolanda’s love and passion for the Arts began in primary school when she was casted as the lead actress in a school production. After high school, she set her sights on Drama and enrolled at the Tshwane University of Technology. In her first year, she realised her love for children’s theatre and decided to major in the subject. After completing her Diploma, she embarked on a Kellogg’s Roadshow for children and is currently doing her B-Tech degree. She feels there’s so much that can be done in educating and enhancing a child’s mind hence and she hopes to contribute through her Buzz journey.

Thabiso Chule

Buzz Workshop Leader and Party Leader

Thabiso, well known as Mufasa, is a part time student at the Tshwane University of Technology, studying Musical Theatre. Thabiso is an actor, performer and dancer. His love for performing has always been there from a young age, but was officially realised in his Grade 9 year, when he was cast for a role in for his big school production. From then on, his love for performing and drama just grew and grew. Along with studying, he is currently performing in various theatre productions part time.

Nicky Karayiannides

Buzz Workshop Leader and Party Leader

Nicky is a passionate psychology student, who is especially interested in childhood development. She believes that Buzz is a great platform to give back to her community and is deeply invested in ensuring children cultivate the skills for confidence, high self-esteem and self-pride. After matric, Nicky began her General Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017 at Varsity College Sandton and is a strong advocate for the importance of the humanities in our society. Once Nicky has completed her studies, she hopes to dedicate more time to developing children at Buzz and tutoring.

Themba Dlamini

Buzz Workshop Leader and Party Leader

Themba is a young creative. He’s a determined and ambitious Johannesburg based actor, director, online radio and podcast presenter and voice actor. Themba is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre and Production, at the University of the Witwatersrand. He has a passion for kidz and loves being part of the Buzz Team.

Palesa Makhudu

Buzz Party Leader

Palesa Makhudu is a vibrant young lady who is passionate about children and drama. She studied drama at the National School of the Arts and worked with some amazingly talented teachers such as Isidingo’s Chan Marti. Palesa also had the privilege of taking part in a children’s educational drama called “Ziku’s Earth Adventure” for The Learn Channel. Through her journey she’s worked with great mentors such as Sylvaine Strike and Dorothy Ann Gould, who’ve helped her put smiles on many children’s faces at The UJ Drama Company. Introducing drama to children at a young age not only helps them to express themselves but it also teaches them how to build character and gain self confidence!