Bring learning alive through creativity and fun!

  • Do you offer enough cultural activity in- or after school?
    • Offer Buzz exclusively to your pupils. A unique 3-in-1 extramural including Drama, Dance and Singing
    • Join the host of top schools, offering Buzz in the academic school day. A cost effective alternative
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Training course for Teachers: Bring Learning Alive!

Buzz training courses are aimed at invigorating, energising and motivating your teachers and educators to inspire new and creative ways of teaching. During the course we encourage participants to approach teaching from an alternative angle, with mind as well as body fully engaged. We exchange ideas and pass on practical skills and tools to bring everyday learning alive with creativity and fun while ensuring all CAPS requirements are met.

There is such a niche for dramatic arts in the classroom and it was great to be prompted into trying them out, doing them and seeing a different side to many students. A most worthwhile experience. – Liz Grawez, Pridwin Preparatory

Wow! The teachers are all using the wonderful ideas learned on the course with BUZZ. The ideas can easily be incorporated into the daily routine and enable the children to learn through all their senses in an environment that is stress free. Discipline becomes easier as everything is fun. A really worthwhile course that has been incorporated in all the classes. – Ros Truelock, Principal Crawford Pre-Primary, Lonehill   

Drama, Dance and Singing at your school

Buzz has taken schools by storm. With our unique product and personal investment in children, it has proven to have a very positive impact on the young participants. Watch the video below to see why we are passionate that schools, now more than ever, should ensure that children are exposed to the performing arts. Are there enough cultural activities in your extramural and in-school timetable?

Contact us to offer Buzz exclusively in or after your school day. Click here to read more about the 3-in-1 Drama, Dance and Singing activity.

Insightful thoughts on the importance of creativity in education