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5 top tips for primary school teachers: Bring Learning Alive (and make discipline easier too!)

About 6 minutes to read

Teaching is a creative profession, not a delivery system. Great teachers do pass on information, but what great teachers also do is mentor, stimulate, provoke, engage. – Sir Ken Robinson It is widely recognized in education today that children should be exposed to and engage with a variety of art forms as a tool for…

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Teachers at Buzz unlike anything you have experienced – Guaranteed

About 4 minutes to read

Our product is our People and we have the best! Children don’t come to Buzz to consume or acquire a physical product. Neither do their parents who go to the trouble of getting them to and from our sessions through traffic, rain and shine. Kidz are brought to our workshops by their guardians to engage…

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A Buzz Kidz Acting Agency – to represent or not to represent

About 5 minutes to read

Buzz is taking off beautifully! Our brand is growing, getting noticed and recognised and we are Buzzing. When parents call us to first enquire about our classes and products we often get a chance to discuss why the parent is looking for a Performing Arts activity for their child. Often, the child loves to sing,…

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