Themes that will have them Buzzing!

Buzz workshops are built around a unique, age-appropriate theme. Every six months we alternate themes.

Each theme has its own original music and podcasts to get kidz Buzzing. Music available on disc or via iTunes. Kidz can follow the Buzz adventures at home via our free Podcast, accessible via our website or iTunes.

In each of our stories, the fictional characters set off on another adventure in an imaginary world of fun. Who are they? Thandi is the oldest. She is the leader of the pack, brave and cool. Ben is quick at her heels. He loves reading and natural sciences. Together, they try to keep track of the daring Ravi, who is the youngest in their gang and full of beans!

These 3 find themselves in imaginary worlds, meeting colourful characters, rising to challenges, learning through fun and always saving the day!

Under The Sea

9 July, 2019 - 6 December, 2019

We dive down into this theme on 09 July 2019 and runs weekly in these schools.

The Magical Pearl of the Ocean, worn by the Whale Queen has been lost. Can our brave adventurers find it before it gets in the wrong fins, like those of the mean Electric Eels? That could spell trouble under the sea. In the meantime, there is something special about Shelley the Shark, but what is it?

Children will sing along to Shelley Shark, Eel Attack, Pearl of the Ocean and get their disco dancing shoes on for Sea Soul Disco.


9 January, 2019 - 30 June, 2019

Boom, Blast, Pow, Wow, Zip and Zap! Our Superhero theme commences on 9 January 2019 and runs weekly in these schools and independent venues.

Join our very own Buzz Superheroes; Bounce, Blast and many more while they learn to hone their amazing super powers at The Cool School, making new hero-friends and having fun. Everyone has a super power – what is yours? Will the Superheroes and the Buzz kidz be brave and defend all of Planet Hero, keeping it safe and sound? Buzz with us into a land of capes, masks and colourful costumes to find out.

Kidz will learn to sing and dance to ORIGINAL BUZZ tunes like Bounce and Blast, United Heroes, Precious Powers and Superhero Swing.

Mermaids and Pirates

16 July, 2018 - 8 December, 2018

Oooh Argh me mateys, this theme commences on 16 July and runs weekly in these venues.

Buzz with us to Treasure Island to find the Magical Coconut that makes wishes come true! What will you wish for? Meet Patrick the Pirate, hold on to a mermaid tail, dive down into the clear blue island waters and sail the seven seas on a pirate ship.

Kidz will learn to sing songs like The Mermaid Mambo, Patrick the Pirate and The Magical Coconut and boogie on down, island style to the Island Boogie.

Around The World

16 January, 2017 - 1 July, 2017

This globe trotting theme commences on 16 January 2017 and runs weekly in these venues.

Take the Buzz Mobile on a high energy imagination adventure Around The World to learn about cultures, traditions and yummy foods. Collect ingredients at every stop and help Chef Soufflé create a dish of wonders for special guest: Phileas Fogg.

Kidz will learn songs written especially for Buzz including: The Food Samba, Buzz Mobile, World of Friends and learn cool dance choreography to Dance Around The World.

Outer Space

20 January, 2020 - 13 July, 2020

This intergalactic theme commences on 20 January 2020 and runs weekly in these venues.

Buzz kidz everywhere will meet the charming and charismatic:  Scotty the Spaceman. He is on a mission to keep the galaxies safe from the ultimate villain, Galliumina and her Gas-o-Thron 3000. Scotty needs the help of all the Buzzers as they whiz through outer space in their super fast, super cool Rocket Ship, past planets and stars, to save the universe!

This theme kidz will move and groove to the ultra funky Space Jam Beat and get singing along to songs: Scotty the Spaceman, Rock Out Rocket Ship and the beautiful ballad: Just Like a Star. All songs are available at our Regular Buzz Workshops and iTunes.

African Safari

14 January, 2018 - 23 June, 2018

This wild and wonderful theme commences on 14 January 2018 and runs weekly in these schools and in these independent venues.

Throughout this theme, Buzz kidz will go on an amazing African Safari. They will explore Africa as they learn about wild animals in nature, meeting many of them as they go along. Crazy cool characters like Jabulani the Giraffe, Ella the Elephant and a many more. Will they be able to help Rafiki the Rhino find his horn? There’s only one way to find out: get your child buzzing today!

This theme Buzz kidz will strut their dance moves – Africa style! – to the tribal beats of Big Five Jive. They will have a blast singing along to the jazz-inspired Buzzin’ and a-Bushwackin‘, the pop hit: Ella the Elephant, the Afro-funk track: Mama Africa and the soul stirring Savannah Sunsets. All songs are available on iTunes and on disc. Follow our characters in our weekly adventures on the Buzz Kidz Podcast!

Fairytale Forest

1 January, 2014 - 30 June, 2014

This Fantastical Theme commences on 20 January 2014 and runs weekly in these venues.

Jack has invited all his friends from the Fairytale Forest to his birthday party up in the clouds to where the beanstalk leads. Now all our favourite fairytale characters are stuck in the clouds and can’t get down because the Witch cut the stalk down. Will they ever make it back to the forest?

Children will love learning The Glass Slipper, Gingerbread Bricks and Rapunzel songs. The Fairytale Rap will get them moving and shaking.